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California Specialty Courses: Elimination of Bias, Substance Abuse, Legal Ethics

If you are a California attorney and you just need a few specialty credits before the February 1 MCLE deadline we have your covered.  We have a number of courses in legal ethics, substance abuse, and elimination of bias.  These courses are taught by a range of experts on a variety of interesting subjects – from pharmaceuticals to ethics in IP business applications.

Elimination of Bias:

Legal Ethics:

Substance Abuse:


And with CLE Your Way, you can now take these courses in a variety of media formats – from MP3 to DVD.  If you prefer to work online we offer streaming video and streaming audio.  If you can’t stand to sit down at a computer when you’re out of the office, we now offer 25 Credit CD and DVD packages. And if your lifestyle is a little more mobile we also have downloadable MP3s of many of our top courses.  Lastly, California also allows attorneys to fulfill half of their units with text-based courses so we also offer PDF courses that can be studied on or offline.

Whatever your CLE needs are, we have you covered!  Group 3 attorneys with last names beginning with N – Z  you have a little over a month.  There is still time!

[1] All 6 specialty units included in one easy package.

CLE Your Way!

As part of CLE Your Way we have started offering both CDs and DVDs packages for California attorneys.  These CD and DVD packages include all 25 credits that you need and sell for the insanely low price of $159.99.  Initially our original model was an all-online concept because we saw streaming video as the wave of the future.  However, attorneys are a rare breed and there seems to be a certain segment who don’t want to work entirely online.

That’s why California attorneys now have expanded media options.  In addition to streaming video and audio on the Attorney Credits website, we now offer 25 Credit CD and DVD packages in addition to downloadable MP3s if you want to listen to courses on your iPod.  So you can now get your CLE done offline if you just can’t stand to get be in front of a computer any longer once you get off work.

Our thought behind CLE Your Way is to give you the most options possible.  Then you can choose the best way to take your CLE that fits your practice and lifestyle.  You can now listen to CDs in the car, watch DVDs at home, listen to MP3 courses while you jog or shop – whatever works best for your life and schedule.  Now there is no reason to wait one week before your deadline to cram all 25 units in!

We have had such success with our initial offering in California, that we will also soon be offering CD and DVD packages to attorneys in Texas, Illinois, Florida, and eventually New York.

Is there any thing else that we can add to our website to offer you a better product?  We are right in the middle of our third major upgrade to our site and we want to know what we can do for you!

Holiday Shenanigans One Firm Regrets …

If you haven’t already sent out your firm holiday card, please do so wisely!  Maybe include mention of the pro bono or charitable work that your firm has done in the community like a Florida firm did a few years ago. Or design a card that empathizes with your clients like a SoCal entertainment boutique who designed their holiday card with striking writers in mind during the WGAM strike a few years ago.

However, please refrain from what one Washington State firm did. Morgan Hill tried their hand at humor when their annual satirical newsletter lampooned Washington Supreme Court Justice Richard Sanders for his recent racial remarks about African-Americans.  Maybe Morgan Hill should just stick to being lawyers and leave the comedy to Conan?

Of course the newsletter went a little too far, and instead of making light of the situation the holiday card only made things worse.  And in today’s information age, stupid moves like this travel fast and they have already been the butt of many tweets, Facebook posts, and blogs.

In October, the enlightened Justice Sanders made this comment at a meeting according to the Seattle Times:

“Certain minority groups” are “disproportionally represented in prison because they have a crime problem.”

Well, Morgan Hill thought it would be cute to make a fake article in their annual satirical holiday newsletter trying to poke fun of Justice Sanders – who coincidentally has the same name as Colonel Sanders of KFC fame.

According to the ABA Journal the fake article, entitled “Sanders to Reach Out to Black Community With KFC Restaurant,” only created a major headache for the firm … and has me asking how someone could be so stupid? Did I mention that the article also included an altered photograph of Judge Sanders in front of a KFC restaurant, standing arm-in-arm with O.J. Simpson and Denzel Washington?

The fake article included made-up quotations attributed to Justice Sanders according to The Olympian, including:

“I never said that black people are pre-disposed to commit more crimes. I just said that in fact, they do commit more crimes.”

While black people are not “genetically inclined” toward eating a lot of fried chicken, “they do in fact eat a lot of fried chicken.”

Sanders is opening a KFC in Lacey “as a service” to minorities.

A lengthy quotation in ethnic dialect attributed to “local brown-skinned attorney Kevin Johnson.”

For some further analysis on the subject please read I Thought I Liked Fried Chicken Because It Is Delicious by Elie Mystal of the ATL blog. Or try some Dave Chappelle for his thoughts on chicken.

Maybe it’s time for law schools to start teaching a ‘Common Sense 101’ course?

California MCLE Deadline Fast Approaching!

The good news is that you still have plenty of time left to get the MCLE that you need to avoid fines and suspensions. Group 3 California attorneys have a February 1, 2011, compliance deadline this year. Those attorneys who submit their compliance after February 1 face a $75 late penalty, and getting the units done after June could get you suspended. Don’t fret, however, we offer numerous 25 unit Bundles that will fulfill your compliance requirement with plenty of time to spare.

Something new for 2011 is electronic compliance.  The State Bar of California is advising that in lieu of submitting a paper compliance card this year, attorneys should report their compliance online through My State Bar Profile.  My State Bar Profile is an online feature for California attorneys to pay fees, update personal information, report MCLE compliance, and manage other ministerial tasks.

From the Cal Bar Website:

Please note that, effective Feb. 1, 2010, California Rule of Court 9.7 made it a requirement to use My State Bar Profile as the means to report changes to your contact information, as well as to provide and maintain a private e-mail address for State Bar communications.

If you are a first-time user, call the Member Services Center at 1-888-800-3400 for your initial Access Code. Returning users should simply logon with their password and go to MCLE Compliance.

The benefits of reporting compliance electronically include real-time reporting to into the Cal Bar database with instant confirmation e-mailed to the member. This means no more no more lost compliance cards in the mail!  Please visit this webpage on the Cal Bar website for Report Compliance FAQ.

Future compliance periods:

Group 3 (N-Z) compliance deadline for period 2/1/08 – 1/31/11 is February 1, 2011

Group 2 (H-M) compliance deadline for period 2/1/09 – 1/31/12 is February 1, 2012

Group 1 (A-G) compliance deadline for period 2/1/10 – 1/31/13 is February 1, 2013

Members may report their compliance through My State Bar Profile beginning two months before their compliance deadline. For more information please visit the Cal Bar website. Also, please visit our California MCLE page for more information.

Why don’t more attorneys find value in CLE?

I have been pondering this all week. What got me started thinking about this was last week’s post about the Illinois attorney who got his secretary to complete his online CLE. At first I found it comical that the attorney’s misdeeds were revealed (he must have made his secretary mad!). Then the more I thought about it, the angrier I became for a couple of reasons.

First, do attorneys view CLE as such a burden that they make their secretaries take classes for them? Yes, I know that most attorneys feel that they already know everything already once they graduate from law school and pass the bar. However, there are many attorneys that could use some pointers on ethics & malpractice prevention, eDiscovery, new developments in their practice area, and improving their legal writing or speaking skills. CLE should be viewed as a benefit – only a fool thinks that education is a burden.

Second, this is NOT how we envisioned that our services would be used.  We are dedicated to bringing you online CLE that is convenient, reasonably priced, and valuable in your professional practice. We have numerous attorneys comment on how informative or entertaining our courses are or what a great resource the written materials are. And I go out of my way to select CLE programming that is entertaining, practical, and informative. Essentially, I ask myself, “Would I want to take this course.”

Unfortunately, I think that many attorneys have had a bad experience with CLE in the past – either the topic was incredibly dry and the presenter was insanely boring, the course was nothing as advertised, or the presenter only speaks for 25 minutes and doesn’t provide much insight. However, help is on the way.  There is a new breed of CLE providers that is seeking to change this. And we are determined to drive this change, and create value in CLE.

I ask you, how can we create more value in CLE?