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PA CLE: Complete 6 PA MCLE Hours by Online CLE

Pennsylvania attorneys must complete 12 PA CLE hours each annual compliance period, including at least 2 hours of legal ethics. Of the 12 required PA CLE hours, Pennsylvania attorneys may now complete 6 hours each year by completing computer based online and downloadable Pennsylvania CLE courses.

PA CLE Distance Learning 

  • 6 hours each annual compliance period

Pennsylvania attorneys that are in PA CLE Compliance Group 3 are required to complete their Pennsylvania CLE by December 31.[1] Attorney Credits’ Distance Learning PA CLE courses have been approved by the Pennsylvania CLE Board. For more information about CLE in Pennsylvania please click here: PA CLE.

[1] Group 3 Pennsylvania attorneys may now complete 6 credit hours each compliance period by completing online & downloadable PA CLE courses.

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WA CLE: Group 1 Washington Attorneys Complete 45 WA MCLE Hours by December 31

Washington must complete a minimum of 45 MCLE credit hours every three years.  In addition, Washington attorneys must also complete a minimum of 6 credit hours of Legal Ethics or Professional Responsibility each compliance period.

WA MCLE Compliance Deadline

  • December 31

If you are a Group 1 attorney in Washington you must complete all 45 required WA CLE credit hours before December 31. For 2016 the live course requirement has been eliminated and all 45 WA CLE hours may be completed with computer based courses.

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OR CLE: Complete 45 OR MCLE Hours by December 31

Oregon attorneys must complete 45 OR CLE credit hours every 3 year to remain in compliance with the Oregon MCLE requirement.[1]  Please note that Oregon attorneys must now complete one (1) hour on the mandatory Elder Abuse reporting requirement for attorneys in Oregon. If this is your compliance year, you must finish all 45 required credit hours by midnight on December 31.[2]

OR MCLE Deadline

  • December 31

Oregon attorneys are allowed to complete all 45 required OR CLE credit hours through Attorney Credits’ computer based online and downloadable CLE courses. We feature a wide selection of CLE courses covering legal ethics, access to justice and the mandatory elder abuse reporting duty in Oregon. For more information about CLE in Oregon please click here: OR CLE.

[1] Oregon attorneys must also complete 6 credit hours of legal ethics, including 1 hour on the mandatory Elder Abuse reporting requirement. In addition, 3 hours of Access to Justice are required every other compliance cycle.

[2] Oregon CLE compliance is broken up into 3 different groups. Your OR MCLE compliance group is determined by the year when you became a member of the Oregon State Bar.

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OK CLE: Complete 12 Hours by December 31

Oklahoma attorneys must complete at least 12 OK CLE hours annually in order to fulfill the OK CLE requirement. As part of the 12 hour Oklahoma CLE requirement, at least 1 hour must be approved for legal ethics. The deadline to complete OK CLE courses is December 31

OK CLE Deadline

  • December 31

Oklahoma attorneys are allowed to complete half of the Oklahoma CLE requirement through computer based online and downloadable OK CLE courses. Oklahoma attorneys may complete 6 of the 12 required OK CLE credit hours by studying approved online, on-demand CLE courses. We will report your completed OK CLE courses to the Oklahoma CLE Commission within 30 days of course completion. For more information on Oklahoma CLE please click here: OK CLE.

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OH CLE: Last Names N-Z CLE Deadline is December 31

Ohio attorneys must complete 24 OH CLE credit hours every 2 years to complete the Ohio CLE requirement. In addition, Ohio attorneys must also complete at least 2.5 Professional Conduct hours as part of the required 24 OH CLE hours.[1] Ohio attorneys with last names M – Z must complete the OH CLE requirement by December 31.[2]

OH CLE Deadline

  • December 31

Ohio attorneys may complete up to 12 credit hours of the required 24 Ohio CLE credit hours through online OH CLE courses. Ohio attorneys may complete OH CLE courses in the following media formats: online video, audio download and video download.[3] For more information about the OH CLE requirement please click here: OH CLE.

[1] To fulfill the Professional Conduct requirement, Ohio attorneys must complete at least 2.5 credit hours in any of the following areas – Substance Abuse, Legal Ethics or Professionalism.

[2] What are the OH CLE compliance groups?

Last name A – L: Report by December 31 of ODD numbered years.

Last name M – Z: Report by December 31 of EVEN numbered years.

[3] Attorney Credits will report your course completion to the Ohio CLE Commission within 30 days of course completion.

NC CLE: Complete 12 NC CLE Hours by December 31

North Carolina attorneys must complete 12 hours of approved NC CLE to complete the annual North Carolina CLE requirement. Of the 12 required hours, at least 2 hours must be in the area of legal ethics. Also, please note that once every three years North Carolina attorneys must complete 1 required hour of substance abuse.

NC CLE Deadline

  • December 31

The bad news – you are rapidly running out of time to complete your NC CLE requirement because the deadline to complete your North Carolina CLE requirement is December 31. The good news – North Carolina attorneys have the option to complete at least a portion of the required NC CLE hours through online and downloadable CLE courses. North Carolina attorneys can complete up to 6 of the 12 required NC CLE hours through online CLE courses. Please click here for more information about North Carolina CLE: NC CLE.

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NV CLE: Complete All 12 Nevada CLE Hours Online

Nevada attorneys must complete a minimum of 12 NV CLE hours each annual Nevada CLE compliance period. Attorneys licensed in Nevada must complete at least 2 hours of legal ethics every as part of the 12 unit Nevada CLE requirement. And don’t forget to complete 1 hour of substance abuse every 3 years.[1]

Nevada CLE Deadline

  • December 31

Nevada attorneys are allowed to complete all 12 credit required NV CLE hours by completing online and downloadable CLE courses. Don’t wait until December 30 to get started studying your NV CLE, you can sign up and start taking Nevada CLE courses in minutes with Attorney Credits! To access more information about Nevada CLE please click here: NV CLE.

[1] Please note that Nevada attorneys now also have a substance abuse requirement that must be completed every three years.

Substance Abuse CLE Now Mandatory in Nevada

LA CLE: Complete 12.5 LA MCLE Hours by December 31


Louisiana attorneys must complete 12.5 credit hours annually to complete the mandatory LA MCLE requirement. Louisiana attorneys must also make sure to complete at least 1 hour of legal ethics and 1 hour of professionalism each Louisiana CLE compliance period.

Louisiana CLE Compliance

  • December 31

Louisiana attorneys must complete the 12 required LA MCLE hours by December 31 and report MCLE compliance by January 31.[1] Louisiana attorneys can complete a portion of the LA MCLE with computer based CLE courses. Louisiana attorneys may complete up to 4 credit hours of online and downloadable CLE courses each year.[2] For more information about CLE in Louisiana, please click on the following link: LA CLE.

[1] Penalties will apply for late Louisiana CLE compliance. If you are facing undue hardships that prevent you from getting your required LA CLE hours done before December 31, you should submit a request for assistance to the LA MCLE Committee as soon as possible.

[2] Online and downloadable CLE courses are considered ‘technologically assisted programming’ under Louisiana Supreme Court Rules.

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CLE Course on Crafting an Effective Closing Argument


The way that juries process information has fundamentally changed over the last few decades – you can thank Big Bird and YouTube for that. Today’s jurors are less apt to soak up volumes of information that complex cases require. Because of this short attention span, you must be as dynamic as possible to grab the jury’s attention and persuade them to find for your client.

When it comes your closing argument, you should keep your message simple, brief and easy to understand.

In this fast paced and informative CLE course, you will learn how to provide an effective and succinct closing argument that the jury will be able to process and remember when they walk into deliberations. Trial attorney David A. Fox covers a number of practice points and uses case examples from the following causes of action: criminal conspiracy to commit robbery, slip & fall, fraud, personal injury, negligence and wrongful death. To access the course please click here: Crafting a Simple and Effective Closing Argument.

Dave mainly discusses:

  • How jurors learn & retain information
  • Using different media in your closing
  • Connecting with the jury
  • Framing the debate
  • Focusing on responsibility & jury instructions
  • Crafting your message
  • Being outcome determinative
  • Keeping your message easy to understand
  • Streamlining your trial
  • Solving the problem

Dave Fox is a trial lawyer that has dedicated his career to helping ordinary people going through extraordinary circumstances. Dave has obtained remarkable settlements and verdicts for his clients in difficult cases involving wrongful death, catastrophic injuries, premises liability and fraud.

This CLE course is offered in the following states:

  • Alaska (AK)
  • Arizona (AZ)
  • California (CA)
  • Connecticut (CT)
  • District of Columbia (DC)
  • Illinois (IL)
  • Maryland (MD)
  • Massachusetts (MA)
  • Michigan (MI)
  • Missouri (MO)
  • New Hampshire (NH)
  • New Jersey (NJ)
  • New York (NY)
  • North Dakota (ND)
  • Pennsylvania (PA)
  • South Dakota (SD)

Attorney Credits offers CLE for attorneys in California and around the country. For more information about CLE in California please click the following link: CA CLE.

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IA CLE: Complete 15 Iowa CLE Hours by December 31


Iowa attorneys must complete a minimum of 15 Iowa CLE credit hours every year. Iowa attorneys must also complete 3 credit hours of legal ethics as part of the annual IA CLE requirement. Iowa attorneys may only complete a maximum of six (6) hours of pre-recorded computer-based CLE annually.

Iowa CLE Deadline

  • December 31

The required 15 IA CLE credit hours must be completed by December 31. Each attorney must self-report completion of the IA CLE that they complete and Iowa attorneys must report their overall completion of the Iowa CLE requirement by March 1. Iowa attorneys that do not file the annual IA CLE report or pay the proper fee may face fines and suspension.  For more information about CLE in Iowa please click the following link: IA CLE.

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