New CLE: Cell Phone Location Evidence for Lawyers

Your client is arrested for robbery. Like everybody that walks into your office, he claims he didn’t do it. He says he was at the park with his kid at the time of the crime. Wisely, you turn to the information stored on his iPhone to show that he was nowhere near the scene of the crime because you can show that his phone was searching for WiFi connections around the houses next to the park.

Cell Phone Location Evidence

Call Detail Records (CDRs) and cell phone location evidence have become crucial evidence in many civil and criminal trials.

In this CLE course, Larry Daniel will teach you how cell phones work and how CDR and location evidence is used in legal cases – from insurance fraud to murder. In addition, Larry will cover tactics on how to locate cell phones and cell phone records and he will show you how to challenge the methods of analysis and the qualifications of persons who will testify about this evidence. To access the course please click here: Cell Phone Location Evidence for Legal Professionals.

These topics are also addressed:

  • How to get CDRs from Verizon, AT&T & Sprint
  • How CDRs are used and what they contain
  • How to generate cell phone location maps
  • Retention
  • Records
  • Prepaid “burner phones”
  • Getting the records
  • Cell phone registration
  • How the phone chooses a tower
  • Sector layout & azimuth
  • Cell tower coverage
  • Cell tower sectors
  • Key case law

Larry Daniel is a digital forensics examiner and cellular records analyst with Envista Forensics. He has testified over 45 times in state and federal courts and is one of the top digital forensic examiners in the U.S., with experience in hundreds of civil and criminal cases involving all types of digital evidence, from computers to black boxes to cell phones.

This CLE course is offered in the following states:

  • Alaska (AK)
  • Arizona (AZ)
  • California (CA)
  • Connecticut (CT)
  • District of Columbia (DC)
  • Illinois (IL)
  • Maryland (MD)
  • Massachusetts (MA)
  • Michigan (MI)
  • Missouri (MO)
  • New Hampshire (NH)
  • New Jersey (NJ)
  • New York (NY)
  • North Dakota (ND)
  • Pennsylvania (PA)
  • South Dakota (SD)

Attorney Credits offers CLE for attorneys in Illinois and around the country. For more information about CLE in Illinois please click the following link: IL CLE.

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