California CLE: CA MCLE Compliance Checklist

California attorneys that are in Group 2 (Last names H-M) for MCLE compliance purposes must complete 25 credit hours by January 31 and report CA MCLE compliance by the February 1 CA CLE reporting deadline. California attorneys beware: the State Bar of California has been conducting thousands of MCLE audits each year. From not completing 12.5 hours for participatory CLE credit — to forgetting to complete 4 hours of ethics — here are some of the top mistakes people make when completing their California MCLE requirement.

CA CLE Checklist

  • 25 Total hours
  • 12.5 participatory hours
  • 4 Ethics
  • 1 Bias
  • 1 Competence Issues
  • 1/31 Compliance Deadline
  • 2/1 Reporting Deadline

Please make sure to properly complete your CA CLE requirement if you are a Group 2 attorney. You will feel much better in July if you get that MCLE audit letter in your mailbox!! For more information about California CLE please click here: CA CLE.