CA CLE: Don’t Forget the 12.5 Hours of Participatory!!

Starting around November we get quite a few calls from California attorneys as the CA MCLE compliance deadline approaches. We get quite a few calls from California attorneys that don’t know about the participatory and/or self-study CLE requirements when it comes to CA MCLE compliance. California attorneys must make sure to complete at least 12.5 credit hours of participatory credit each three-year compliance period.[1]

CA MCLE – Participatory Credit

  • 12.5 Hours

And yes, you can take online and downloadable CLE course for participatory CLE credit.  If a CLE provider verifies your “participation” — or attendance — in the course, then a CA CLE activity is considered participatory.  Attorney Credits offers online and downloadable CA CLE courses that can be completed for self-study or participatory credit.[2] For more information about California CLE, please click the following link: CA CLE.

[1] California attorneys CANNOT complete more than 12.5 credit hours of self-study credit.

[2] You select the type of credit you want before you begin your CA CLE course.