CA CLE: Last Name H-M MCLE Deadline is February 1


For California attorneys that have last names that start with H-M the end is drawing near – the end of the MCLE compliance period!!!  That means it’s time to get your CA MCLE requirement done! The compliance deadline for California attorneys with last names H-M is February 1, 2018.[1]California attorneys must complete 25 total CA CLE credit hours each three-year compliance period. Of the 25 required credit hours, you must complete 4 hours of Legal Ethics, 1 hour of Competence Issues and 1 hour of Elimination of Bias. And you must complete at least 12.5 hours of participatory California CLE credit. For more information about the mandatory CA CLE requirement please click here: CA CLE.

[1] Attorneys with last names H-M are considered Group 2 attorneys.