Now is the time to get started!  Do you really want to cram 8-10 hours of CLE on New Years Eve? New Jersey attorneys that are in CLE Group 1 must complete the required 24 hours by December 31. 

NJ CLE Compliance

Group 1 attorneys must complete 24 New Jersey CLE hours by December 32.

Please note that New Jersey attorneys are limited to completing 12 hours via online CLE courses. If you are licensed in New Jersey and you live in another state, you might qualify to complete all 24 hours online [1] For more information about New Jersey CLE click here: NJ CLE.

[1] To qualify for the non-resident CLE exception in New Jersey you must: (1) Reside in (2) Work in (3) And be licensed in EITHER a mandatory CLE state that allows for 100% of the CLE requirement to be taken through online CLE courses OR a state with NO mandatory CLE requirement.