FL CLE: When is My Florida CLE Reporting Deadline?


Florida attorneys must complete and report 30 Florida CLE credit hours each 3 year reporting cycle. But when is your deadline to report your CLE compliance?

FL CLE Deadline

Your Florida CLE reporting deadline is chosen randomly by a computer.

The Florida Bar will send you a reminder three months prior to your FL CLE deadline.[1] If you have not yet completed your mandatory FL CLE requirement when the notice is sent, you will receive a Reporting Affidavit. You must return this Affidavit by the reporting date along with an explanation of how you cured your CLE deficit. To access more information about Florida CLE please click the following link: FL CLE.

[1] The Florida Bar will also provide you notice regarding the FL CLE that you have completed. If have completed your Florida CLE requirement at that time, you will receive a Notice of Compliance. If this Notice of Compliance is accurate, you don’t have to take any further steps.