Judges Gone Wild

What has happened to the judiciary? Only a few months ago we had reports that Senior Judge Jack T. Camp had been arrested on drug charges after allegedly taking part in multiple drug induced romps with an Atlanta stripper:[1]

“A 67-year-old federal judge’s wild relationship with a stripper started with a lap dance, prosecutors said, and quickly escalated into escapades of prostitution and gun-toting drug deals for cocaine and prescription pills.”

Apparently, the 67-year-old federal judge had got himself caught up in drugs, guns and strippers … but eventually his nefarious activities were exposed by the FBI after he was caught purchasing drugs from an undercover agent. The stripper had tipped the FBI about Camp’s activities and set the whole thing up because she feared for her safety!

Now this week here in San Diego we have DeAnn Salcido … who obviously won’t be working for the Supreme Court any time soon. It appears that the former Superior Court judge allowed filming in her court by her bailiff-husband as part of an audition for a reality TV show … and then tried shopping the tape it to an entertainment lawyer! If you have some free time and need a good laugh please take a look at some of the allegations from her response to the Commission on Judicial Performance’s inquiry. Among other things that she admits to:

  • Promoting herself for a role in a potential television entertainment program featuring a judge
  • Providing the videotape from her court proceedings to an entertainment lawyer who passed it on to a producer
  • Not providing notice of the filming to counsel or litigants
  • Scheduling cases with the broadest appeal (substance abuse)
  • Telling a parolee: “cause you will definitely be screwed and we don’t offer Vaseline for that”
  • Making the courtroom audience scream, “woo, woo, woo” in Arsenio Hall-lie fashion every time the work ‘THC,’ marijuana or pot was used
  • Asking a defendant, “ Do you want a tissue now or later because you are going into custody right now”

Wow, some tough love from the judge! Basically, the comedic list of unethical acts continues on down the complaint – and she admits to most of it. It would definitely make for some good weekend reading. On Wednesday of this week, the California Commission on Judicial Performance publicly censured Salcido and stated that she had agreed to resign and never hold judicial office.[2]

Can I get a, “woo, woo!!!”

[1] FBI: Stripper, drugs, guns and judge don’t mix


[2] The panel of judges, lawyers and members of the public says Salcido’s television audition made a mockery of the judicial system and gave the unseemly impression that she was playing to the cameras.