One of your favorite clients is Pearl, who you’ve helped with some real estate and estate planning matters when her husband of 55 years passed away. Even though she’s in her eighties, she’s still sharp as a tack. One day she calls you frantically because her checking account is suddenly overdrawn and she thinks that her housekeeper might be to blame.

Document Fraud in Elder Abuse Cases

People who take advantage of senior citizens will often forge checks, alter deeds and attempt to change wills.

While many people think that it mainly consists of physical abuse, elder abuse is more often times a crime of financial abuse where relatives, caretakers and “friends” take advantage of the elderly. An experienced document examiner, Mike Wakshull has seen altered wills, attempted stock transfers, suspicious checks and homes sold with forged real estate deeds. To access this course please click here: Document Fraud in Elder Abuse Cases.

Using case examples from his own practice, he will highlight:

    • Knowing the telltale signs of faked signatures
    • The importance of exemplars
    • Fluidity vs. tremor
    • Examining the unique attributes of a signature
  • The tools used to examine documents

A court-qualified forensic document examiner, Michael N. Wakshull has been involved in the Forensic Document Examination arena since 1983 and belongs to a number of Document Examination Associations.

This CLE course is offered in the following states:

    • Alaska (AK)
    • Arizona (AZ)
    • California (CA)
    • Connecticut (CT)
    • District of Columbia (DC)
    • Illinois (IL)
    • Maryland (MD)
    • Massachusetts (MA)
    • Michigan (MI)
    • Missouri (MO)
    • New Hampshire (NH)
    • New Jersey (NJ)
    • New York (NY)
    • North Dakota (ND)
    • Pennsylvania (PA)
  • South Dakota (SD)

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