In You Can’t Change What You Can’t See, the ABA’s comprehensive report on gender bias, the main finding is that gender & racial bias continues to be prevalent in the legal community. Despite all the efforts, we have not made much progress… and now we’re headed into a non-binary future.

The Four Types of Gender Bias:

* Prove-it-again bias

* Tightrope bias

* The maternal wall bias

* The tug-a-war bias

Amy Allemann covers four prevalent patterns of gender bias that lawyers encounter and details specific examples & effects of gender bias in the legal profession. Amy then asks the question, if we have a hard enough time addressing gender bias in the legal profession now, what happens when we live in a world with no gender? To access the course please click here: Gender Bias in a Non-Binary World.T

Amy also covers:

* Interruption rates of female supreme court justices

* Parental leave

* Hiring & assignments

* Ethical rules regarding gender bias

* Gender identity

* Sexual orientation

* What it means to be non-binary

* Practical takeaways for operating in a genderless world

Amy Elizabeth Allemann has been an active member of the California State Bar and a practicing attorney for over 15 years. Currently, Ms. Allemann specializes in complex civil litigation, business litigation and personal injury matters.

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