New CLE for Attorneys on Litigating Sexual Harassment Claims in the #MeToo Era

Susan Fowler had tried everything – going to human resources, talking to her managers, transferring departments, but nothing changed. An engineer at Uber, the sexist comments at her toxic workplace just kept coming. So she went online and wrote a 3,000-word blog post exposing the behavior and culture at Uber. Less than one year later, Uber co-founder and C.E.O. Travis Kalanick was forced out along a number of Uber executives


#MeToo and Sexual Misconduct Lawsuits

With the #MeToo hashtag, women have been empowered to share their harrowing experiences of harassment and assault by men. Lawyers litigating these claims will see familiar themes that run through these sexual misconduct cases.

Stories like that of Susan Fowler have dominated Twitter and the headline news the last few months since the Harvey Weinstein scandal broke and have resulted in numerous terminations and lawsuits in workplaces around the country. In this CLE course, trial attorney Dan Gilleon will discuss litigating sexual harassment claims in the #MeToo era, state and federal laws covering sexual misconduct and important considerations when evaluating sexual misconduct cases. To access this course please click here: Litigating Sexual Harassment Claims in the Me Too Era.


Dan will also cover the following topics:

    • The four stages to these cases


    • Numerous case examples from his practice


    • Hostile work environment & quid pro quo cases


    • Claims under FEHA (Fair Employment and Housing Act)


    • Insurance & the defendant’s ability to pay


  • Key statutes of limitations

For decades, Dan Gilleon has been fighting for his clients with exceptional intensity and passion. Mr. Gilleon fights with vigor for his clients, often for the “little guy” that is being taken advantage of or bullied and he has fought and won countless high profile cases, often against powerful companies or even dangerous thugs and criminals.


This CLE course is offered in the following states:

    • Alaska (AK)


    • Arizona (AZ)


    • California (CA)


    • Connecticut (CT)


    • District of Columbia (DC)


    • Illinois (IL)


    • Maryland (MD)


    • Massachusetts (MA)


    • Michigan (MI)


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    • New Hampshire (NH)


    • New Jersey (NJ)


    • New York (NY)


    • North Dakota (ND)


    • Pennsylvania (PA)


  • South Dakota (SD)

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