The word ‘professional’ is derived from the Latin ‘professus’ – meaning to profess one’s vows – and has commonly been associated with the three learned professions of law, medicine and divinity. As attorneys we continue to profess our vows when we take an oath to defend the laws or our country and to conduct ourselves at all times with dignity, courtesy and integrity as officers of the court.

Practicing with Professionalism

What exactly does it mean to practice with professionalism on an everyday basis?

Trial attorney Ron Daniels explores what it means to be a professional by delving into the scope & prohibitions of professionalism, analyzing the history of professionalism in the Georgia Bar and highlighting specific examples of professional & unprofessional conduct. To access the course please click here: Professionalism 101.

Ron will also discuss:

* Georgia case law that addresses Professional conduct

* The Georgia Lawyer’s Creed

* The Georgia Aspirational Statements on Professionalism

* The duties to the client

* The duties to opposing parties & counsel

* The duties to the courts, colleagues & the profession

Ron E. Daniels is a trial attorney that represents clients in consumer protection cases. He fiercely and proudly represent Georgians in cases involving credit card, student loan and medical debt.

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