What do The Naked Cowboy, Marilyn Monroe and Tiger Woods all have in common? They have all been involved in right of publicity lawsuits.

The Right of Publicity in the Social Media Age

With the expansion of social media and digital advertising – and increasingly more brands turning to novel means to promote their products – the right of publicity has taken on even greater importance.

Rick Kurnit has represented celebrities and companies alike in some of the most high-profile right of publicity cases involving Vanna White, Woody Allen and Jackie Onassis. In this CLE course, Rick shares his knowledge and experience as he mainly discusses brands, content & advertising in our digital world, how the right of publicity clashes with the First Amendment, advertising vs.editorial content, commercial use and the transformative standard. To access the course please click here: The Right of Publicity, Advertising and the First Amendment.

Rick also covers:

* Product placement

* Native advertising

* Use of celebrities’ name/likeness/image

* Persona & likeness

* Influencer contracts

* Media advertising

* Parody

* The Lanham Act

Rick Kurnit is a noted expert in Advertising & Media Law, IP and First Amendment cases. He has handled many of the leading cases defining the application of intellectual property law to advertising and marketing communications, including representing the defendants in the Vanna White, Woody Allen, and Jackie Onassis look-alike cases.

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