NJ CLE: Attorneys Living Outside of New Jersey Might Qualify to Complete 24 CLE Hours Online

New Jersey attorneys are normally allowed to take 12 of the required 24 hours by completing online CLE courses.[1] There are two exceptions, however, that allow all 24 hours to be completed online. The medical and non-resident exception.

What is the non-resident CLE exception?

You must:
(1) Reside in
(2) Work in
(3) And be licensed in

  • EITHER a mandatory CLE state that allows for 100% of the CLE requirement to be taken through online CLE courses
  • OR a state with NO mandatory CLE requirement

While the requirements are listed above, it’s probably best practice to contact the NJ CLE Board to ensure that you qualify for this exception. Please click the following link if you need more information about New Jersey CLE: NJ CLE.

[1] As well as downloadable CLE courses such as MP3 and Downloadable Video.