NJ CLE: New Jersey CLE Compliance Groups

Every New Jersey attorney is permanently assigned to one of two compliance groups for NJ CLE purposes. One compliance group reports each year. New Jersey attorneys that have birthdays that fall between January 1 to June 30 are in Compliance Group 1. Attorneys whose birthdays fall between July 1 to December 31 are in Compliance Group 2.

  • Compliance Group 1
    • Birthday between January 1 – June 30
  • Compliance Group 2
    • Birthday between July 1 – December 31

Please note that New Jersey attorneys must complete at least 24 credit hours of NJ CLE each two year CLE compliance period. Without a medical or non-resident CLE exception, New Jersey attorneys are limited to completing 12 of the required NJ CLE hours through online and downloadable CLE courses. Please click here for more information about CLE compliance in New Jersey: NJ CLE.