NJ CLE: New Jersey CLE FAQ

How many NJ CLE hours do I need to complete? How many ethics hours are required every two years? When do I report my New Jersey CLE compliance? Do CLE providers report my completed courses? Are there special requirements for newly admitted New Jersey attorneys?

Top New Jersey CLE Questions

  • When must I complete and report my NJ CLE compliance?
    • The New Jersey CLE compliance and CLE reporting deadline is December 31.
  • What is the non-resident exception in New Jersey?
    • If you qualify for this exception you may satisfy your entire NJ CLE requirement by taking online CLE courses. To qualify you must (1) reside in (2) work in and (3) be licensed in another mandatory CLE state that allows for 100% of CLE courses to be completed with online courses.
  • How do I report my NJ CLE compliance?[1]
    • New Jersey attorneys certify NJ CLE compliance on the Annual Attorney Registration and Billing Statement.

If you’re like many New Jersey attorneys – even experienced ones – you have questions about your NJ CLE compliance. That’s why we created our New Jersey CLE FAQ… so we can help you easily find the information that you need about your NJ CLE compliance! For more information about your NJ CLE compliance please click here: NJ CLE FAQ.

[1] Every New Jersey attorney is assigned to one of two compliance groups based on your birth date. Compliance Group 1 (born January 1-June 30) will certify NJ CLE compliance in even-numbered years and Compliance Group 2 (born July 1-December 31) will certify NJ CLE compliance in odd-numbered years.