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New CLE on Cell Phone Forensics for Attorneys

In this CLE program, highly-rated instructor Lars Daniel will use case examples from his digital forensics practice to highlight the proper way to forensically acquire cell phone evidence. Lars will mainly discuss the collection, acquisition, analysis and examination of electronic evidence on smartphones and challenging the evidence.


Just because a person installs some software on the neighbor’s computer does not make them a digital forensics expert. And when your client is looking at 30 years in prison, this is not the person you want to retain as the digital forensics expert in your next case. Digital Forensics There is a tremendous knowledge gap in our legal system today when…

CLE Course: Digital Forensics for Attorneys 101

A wife is murdered in her own home. The husband claims he tried to stop the intruder but the large man over powered him and tied him up to a chair. But the wife’s Fitbit tells a different version of the story than the tale that the husband presents. As the police investigate the case and harness the digital information created by…