Online CLE For Attorneys

When we started Attorney Credits over 13 years ago, our mission was to provide attorneys with great CLE, at a great price, in a convenient online format. We were the first online CLE Provider to offer “CLE Bundles” at a reasonable price — and many companies have since tried to duplicate our success! Attorney Credits CLE Well, over 1.3 million certificates later,…

New CLE on Cybersecurity Compliance Strategies for Attorneys

Cybersecurity – it’s not just for Bill Gates and computer geeks anymore. Many attorneys now have ethical and legal duties to be compliant with cybersecurity laws and also protect sensitive client information.

New CLE on Social Media & Jury Selection

In this CLE course, Dr. David Cannon will mainly address the challenges of selecting a jury in a Facebook world, the key social media platforms to search and how to rate your potential jurors.

New CLE: The Hearsay Conundrum

Say it with me, we all know it. “A statement, made out of court, provided for the truth of the matter asserted.” Yes, we can all repeat the definition of hearsay in our sleep. It’s the application of the hearsay rule that’s trips up lawyers and judges alike. Hearsay We all know the hearsay rule it’s the application of rule that trips…