TX CLE: How Do I Self-Report My TX CLE Hours?


Texas attorneys that have been licensed for two years or more must complete fifteen (15) TX CLE credit hours each annual compliance period.[1] The Texas MCLE compliance year is a one-year period that begins on the first day of the month you were born. The compliance year ends one year later on the last day of the month that precedes the month of your birth.

Texas MCLE

Every Texas attorney must complete a minimum of 15 hours of accredited CLE during each MCLE compliance year.

As an accredited sponsor of CLE in Texas, Attorney Credits does report your all your completed TX CLE courses to the State Bar of Texas. We send completed lists to the State Bar of Texas every Monday. However, Texas is still a self-reporting MCLE state. Because Texas attorneys are ultimately responsible for reporting completion of their continuing education requirement to the State Bar of Texas, you must verify the receipt of your completed courses by the State Bar of Texas.

Texas: Self Report MCLE

Although CLE providers do report  your completed CLE courses, it is ultimately your responsibility to make sure your mandatory CLE hours are accurately and timely reported with the State Bar of Texas MCLE Department.

Please note that failure to timely report your TX CLE credit hours could result in a non-compliance penalty of $100, $200, or $300. Attorney Credits also offers helpful information about continuing legal education (CLE) for attorneys licensed to practice in Texas. Please click this link to access more information about CLE in Texas: TX CLE.

[1] Including three (3) credit hours of Legal Ethics or Professionalism.