Monthly Archives: August 2023

CLE on Cell Phone Location Evidence for Attorneys

From tracking murder suspects with Facebook Live data – to pointing out mistakes in the state’s location evidence due to bad vector analysis – Eric Grabski will show you how to analyze cell phone location evidence in your legal cases.

Be A Law Firm, Not A Laundromat CLE: Anti-Money Laundering Basics for Attorneys

The drug trade and globalization has led to more dirty money flowing into the U.S. and lawyers unwittingly taking part in money laundering. Timothy Dunfey will teach you the risks & red flags of money laundering for attorneys and how to protect yourself, your clients and your law firm from being used as a laundromat.

Franchise Law CLE: The Fundamentals for All Attorneys

Chris Howard counsels his clients with practical information to help avoid some of the common pitfalls that can trip up franchisees. Chris will mainly discuss: Terminology & Key Documents, the Regulatory Framework, Key Items in the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) and How to Review a Franchise Agreement.