California MCLE Compliance Card

I received this question from an Attorney Credits client:

This is my first MCLE course and I was told that I was supposed to receive a compliance card. Is that true? will you notify the state bar? How does that work? I am a little concerned that I will not receive credit.

My response:

Thank you for your inquiry regarding the compliance card. Your compliance card should have been included in your ‘2010 Membership Fee Statement.’ Alternatively, you may report compliance online at ‘MSBP‘ (My State Bar Profile). After this year it will be switching to an entirely online format through MSBP.

From the Cal Bar website:

Where do I get a Compliance Card? And What does the Compliance Card look like?

Answer: Group 1 members will receive a Compliance Card in the packet with their 2010 Membership Fee Statement, but are encouraged to report compliance online through My State Bar Profile.

§ For efficient processing, use the personalized Compliance Card

§ If a personalized Compliance Card cannot be located, go to Compliance Card to download a generic Group 1 Compliance Card.

§ In lieu of submitting a paper compliance card, attorneys can report their compliance online. To submit an electronic attestation of compliance, go to the State Bar’s home page to access My State Bar Profile. First-time users will need an Access Code to register. This Access Code is printed in the top right-hand corner of the fee statement.