New CLE on Denial of Discharge & Bankruptcy Code Section 727a

The goal of bankruptcy is the discharge – when the debtor is released from personal liability for certain specified types of debts. Unfortunately, your client may commit certain actions that can prevent them from discharging their debt due to Bankruptcy Code Section 727(a).

New CLE: Dealing with Defaulted Student Loans

As student load debt has skyrocketed over the last decade — now approaching $1.5 trillion total — many former students have found themselves in default being unable to pay their massive undergraduate and graduate school debt back. To learn more about what you can do to help your clients with defaulted student loans, join Natalie Jean-Baptiste as she discusses potential options for your clients.

New CLE on Elder Law & Long Term Care Planning

The focus of attorneys that handle wills and trusts has historically been estate planning – preparing for the transfer of the client’s wealth and assets after his or her death. However, with our aging population living longer, the focus has turned from planning for death and wealth transfer to planning for long term care and asset preservation during life. And with the…

New CLE: Using Clio to Streamline Your Legal Practice

We live in the 21st century.  Practice and case management software now provides attorneys with a convenient method of effectively managing client and case information – from conflicts and calendaring to documents and billing.  It can be used to share information with clients and other attorneys in the firm via the cloud and it is also scalable so you can choose the…

New CLE Courses Added!!!

At Attorney Credits, we recognize that we live in a fast paced, ever-changing world.  Every new day brings new inventions, new fads and emerging trends in the practice of law – from utilizing cloud technology to drone law. New CLE Courses: A Practical Approach to 1031 Exchanges A Sneak Peek at the Possible New Rules of Professional Conduct Appellate Oral Arguments: Nuts…