eDiscovery Challenges in a SaaS World: Slack, WhatsApp and More.

When it comes to today’s eDiscovery, businesses and attorneys are surprised to find that much of the ESI and data now collected comes from apps and SaaS such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), DropBox, WhatsApp, Slack and many more – instead of traditional data forms such as emails, PDFs and .docs.

New CLE on Ethics for Family Law Lawyers

Difficult clients and ethical minefields are lurking everywhere for family law attorneys. In this CLE, Angela Scafuri’s insights will help both new and seasoned family law practitioners to understand the contours of the attorney-client relationship, the problems that arise with difficult clients, client communications and issues involving experts.

New CLE on How to Hire a Forensic Examiner

When hiring a subject matter expert, careful screening is crucial in order to select an expert with superior skills & credibility that will get the best result in front of the judge and jury.


Just because a person installs some software on the neighbor’s computer does not make them a digital forensics expert. And when your client is looking at 30 years in prison, this is not the person you want to retain as the digital forensics expert in your next case. Digital Forensics There is a tremendous knowledge gap in our legal system today when…

New CLE: Cell Phone Location Evidence for Lawyers

Your client is arrested for robbery. Like everybody that walks into your office, he claims he didn’t do it. He says he was at the park with his kid at the time of the crime. Wisely, you turn to the information stored on his iPhone to show that he was nowhere near the scene of the crime because you can show that…

Attorney Credits New Webinar Series on YouTube

Have you checked out the Attorney Credits YouTube channel yet???  We recently started a new monthly webinar series that can help you with the business side of running a law firm.  Once we record the webinar we then make it available on our YouTube channel. We thought this could be a helpful FREE resource for you!  We also thought that you could benefit…

New Webinar on the Power of Personal Branding

Business development takes time, patience and a large heaping of perseverance. Whether you work at Skadden or you hang your own shingle, you can’t just wake up one day and decide to focus on business development and expect clients to come running through the door. Jay Harrington Jay Harrington is an attorney, author, coach and business development consultant to lawyers and law…

What’s in a Name – CLE on Selecting, Identifying & Protecting Trademarks

For many entrepreneurs and business owners, the intellectual property of the company is the last thing on their mind when starting and running their business. They are more concerned with getting their business off the ground, hitting sales marks and growing their business. However, intellectual property is often the most valuable asset of the business and it must be properly protected –…