Law Practice Management

Essential Ethics CLE for Small Firm Attorneys

Philip King highlights common ethical pitfalls for small law attorneys and provides numerous helpful points to spot and avoid these routine practice traps.

New CLE on Cybersecurity Compliance Strategies for Attorneys

Cybersecurity – it’s not just for Bill Gates and computer geeks anymore. Many attorneys now have ethical and legal duties to be compliant with cybersecurity laws and also protect sensitive client information.

New CLE on Social Media & Jury Selection

In this CLE course, Dr. David Cannon will mainly address the challenges of selecting a jury in a Facebook world, the key social media platforms to search and how to rate your potential jurors.

New CLE on How to Overcome the “Bull” Effect at Trial

What effect, if any, will the popular CBS TV drama “Bull” have on your jurors? Unfortunately, many trial attorneys do not have several million dollars to hire anything like Dr. Bull’s company. We are on our own to determine the best narrative and jurors.

FL CLE: 30 CLE Hours or 33 CLE Hours??

The Florida Supreme Court approved a new rule on 1/1/2017 requiring Florida attorneys to complete technology-related CLE courses. If your Florida CLE compliance is due in the next couple years you don’t have to worry about it. FL CLER – Technology Requirement The first Florida attorneys that need to complete 33 hours – including 3 hours of technology – have compliance dates…

Attorney Credits New Webinar Series on YouTube

Have you checked out the Attorney Credits YouTube channel yet???  We recently started a new monthly webinar series that can help you with the business side of running a law firm.  Once we record the webinar we then make it available on our YouTube channel. We thought this could be a helpful FREE resource for you!  We also thought that you could benefit…

New CLE on Common Ethics Traps for Attorneys

Pick up the phone and call your clients, don’t “borrow” money from trust accounts, calendar every key deadline & date – the same fundamental ethics principles still hold true for the 21st century lawyer. That’s because the same traditional ethics issues continue to plague lawyers, leading to countless ethics violations and malpractice lawsuits. Lawyers & Ethics The same traditional legal ethics issues…

Attorney Credits: New Webinar Series for Lawyers

We know that running the business side of a law firm is just as important as the practice of law itself. Therefore, we have started a new webinar series that’s dedicated helping you run a better law firm. Although you cannot get CLE credit for completing these webinars, it can definitely help you run a more profitable law firm. List of Webinars:…

Webinar: On-Site SEO Best Practices for Attorneys

At Attorney Credits we know that running the business side of a law firm is just as important as the practice of law itself. You can’t help clients if they can’t find you to ask for your help. And nowadays, like any other goods or services, clients are finding attorneys and legal services online. But are your law firm’s web pages fully…