December CLE Deadline States

Are you an attorney in any of these states? If so, your CLE deadline is at the end of this month! Don’t wait, sign up for an Attorney Credits State Compliance Bundle now. Alabama Attorneys in Alabama can complete 6 of their required 12 CLE credit hours with Attorney Credits. Find our Alabama CLE compliance bundles here. Alaska Attorneys in the largest state can complete all…

CLE on Special Needs Trusts for Trustees

A Special Needs Trust (SNT) allows for a disabled person to maintain his or her eligibility for public assistance benefits, despite having assets that would otherwise make the person ineligible for those benefits. These types of trusts are a vital component of estate plans when clients have beneficiaries with disabilities.

CLE on Leveraging Legal Data & Analytics to Win in Court

How often does opposing counsel take cases to trial? What is your judge’s summary judgement record? How can analytics help you write more persuasive motions? How can legal information make you a better lawyer? Attorney Nicole Clark will show you how legal research, data & analytics can help you win your cases in state trial court.

How Legal Data & Analytics Can Make You a Better Lawyer CLE

Moneyball. A book written about the Oakland A’s because their organization was the first to utilize research and analytics in baseball to achieve tremendous success on a limited budget. “Moneyball” has since crossed over into numerous industries – and now it’s available for trial lawyers.

Attorney Credits Sets a High Bar With CLE

Attorney Credit’s website is no ordinary CLE website. In the last 15 years and over 2.5 million certificates issued we have continuously pushed the bounds of what an easy-to-use CLE website should be. We listen to our customers, take notes, and constantly make improvements so that you can complete your state’s CLE as easily as possible. If you are shopping around for CLE,…

Free CLE Trials Coming to Attorney Credits

We listened, and for those of you who haven’t used us before (you are really missing out), free CLE trials are coming to Attorney Credits. Our free trials are a cut above other provider’s free trials, just like our website. If you are a bit leery of spending money on continuing legal education (CLE), test drive our site first. A free trial…

CLE on Free Speech on College & University Campus

One junior college student was barred from passing out pocket Constitutions on Constitution Day. Emory University told students they can’t hang Christmas decorations. And Syracuse University charged a student orientation leader with hazing & suspended her – because she helped organize an optional campus scavenger hunt.

CLE on Altered Documents in Legal Cases

Nowadays “documents” means much more than it did 30 years ago when all your valuable “papers” were behind lock & key in your trusty file cabinet. Emails, PDFs, word docs, JPGs & more have now expanded the world of documents – as well as forgeries, fakes and cut & paste signatures. How do you know if a PDF is legit?

From Mr. Beast to Tom Brady: Influencer Marketing for Attorneys & Businesses

For every $1 that marketers spend on Influencer Advertising – the return is $18. Influencers wield increasingly more power in the marketplace in our new Tik Tok, Instagram, X and Threads world. But the FTC has taken notice – and put influencers & companies on notice as well.