Being an independent trustee is not an easy job. Trustors (settlors) must rely on trusted individuals to carry out their wishes and to fulfill their promises to the beneficiaries. And beneficiaries hope for the fulfillment of the settlor’s promises are in the hands of the trustee.

Being a Trustee in an Uncertain World

A global pandemic, a change of administration and major changes to the tax laws… and a trustee’s difficult job becomes even more daunting.

This course will benefit attorneys & independent trustees when working with wealth managers, family advisors, CPAs and insurance professionals. To access the course please click here: Being a Trustee in an Uncertain World: ITA Annual Conference.

CLE Courses: ITA Annual Conference

* Crisis Planning for Persons with Disability

* Embracing Disruption as a Catalyst for Change

* Planning in the Light of Tax Uncertainty

* Impact of Residency of Trustees, Beneficiaries & Managers on State Income, Creditor and Divorce Laws

* The Evolving Role of Fiduciaries in Addressing the Needs of the Affluent Family

* HEMS Distribution Standards for Trustees

The speakers at the Independent Trustee Alliance (ITA) Annual Conference include: Ann Koerner, R.N., BSN, Jane Beddall, M.A., J.D., Tom Pauloski, Esq., Jim Roberts, Esq., Courtney Pullen, M.A., Christian Kelso, J.D.

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