CLE Your Way!

As part of CLE Your Way we have started offering both CDs and DVDs packages for California attorneys.  These CD and DVD packages include all 25 credits that you need and sell for the insanely low price of $159.99.  Initially our original model was an all-online concept because we saw streaming video as the wave of the future.  However, attorneys are a rare breed and there seems to be a certain segment who don’t want to work entirely online.

That’s why California attorneys now have expanded media options.  In addition to streaming video and audio on the Attorney Credits website, we now offer 25 Credit CD and DVD packages in addition to downloadable MP3s if you want to listen to courses on your iPod.  So you can now get your CLE done offline if you just can’t stand to get be in front of a computer any longer once you get off work.

Our thought behind CLE Your Way is to give you the most options possible.  Then you can choose the best way to take your CLE that fits your practice and lifestyle.  You can now listen to CDs in the car, watch DVDs at home, listen to MP3 courses while you jog or shop – whatever works best for your life and schedule.  Now there is no reason to wait one week before your deadline to cram all 25 units in!

We have had such success with our initial offering in California, that we will also soon be offering CD and DVD packages to attorneys in Texas, Illinois, Florida, and eventually New York.

Is there any thing else that we can add to our website to offer you a better product?  We are right in the middle of our third major upgrade to our site and we want to know what we can do for you!