CO CLE: Late CLE Reporting


Like many attorneys around the country lawyers that are licensed to practice law in Colorado have a mandatory continuing legal education (CLE) requirement. Colorado attorneys are required to complete a minimum of 45 credit hours of approved CO CLE every 3 years in order to fulfill the CO CLE requirement. Of the 45 required Colorado CLE credit hours, at least 7 credit hours of legal ethics must be completed.

Colorado CLE Compliance & Reporting Requirements

  • Reporting Cycle: 3 years
  • Compliance Deadline: December 31
  • Reporting Deadline: January 31

You must complete your CO CLE requirement by December 31 and report your Colorado CLE compliance by January 31 in order to keep your license to practice law in Colorado in good standing. If you do not complete the required CO CLE units at the end of your compliance period, your final Affidavit may be accompanied by a specific plan for making up the CLE deficiency within 17 weeks after the date that the final affidavit is issued. The CLE deficiency plan must be accompanied by a make-up plan filing fee.[1] The attorney must report full completion of the CLE make-up to the CLE Board no later than 14 days following the 119-day period.

I do not practice law in Colorado. Do I have to continue earning CLE credits?

Yes. Unless you file for inactive status, you must comply with the CO CLE requirements. If you go on inactive status, CLE requirements are suspended for the time you are inactive. You may not practice law in Colorado if your license is inactive.

Attorney Credits is an Approved Sponsor of CLE (continuing legal education) in Colorado. Our online and offline on-demand Colorado CLE courses have all been approved for CLE credit by the Colorado CLE Board for homestudy CLE credit because our CO CLE courses meet the requirements of Colorado MCLE Rule 103(j). To access more information about Colorado CLE, please click the following link: CO CLE.

[1] The CO CLE Board will determine the amount of the fee annually. The CLE deficiency plan will be accepted by the CO CLE Board – unless within 14 days after the receipt of the final affidavit the Board notifies the attorney that the plan has been rejected.