FL CLE: All 30 Hours (33 in some cases) May be Completed by Online Florida CLE Courses

Florida attorneys must complete at least 30 total Florida CLE credit hours every 3 years, including 5 credit hours of legal ethics.  For future CLER compliance, Florida attorneys will need to complete 33 hours every 3 years.[1]  However, this new 33 hour requirement (and technology requirement) does not a apply for another few more years.[2]

Florida CLE Requirement 

Florida attorneys are allowed to complete all 30 hours through online FL CLE courses.

Florida attorneys are allowed to complete all 30 hours by completing online and downloadable FL CLE courses. Florida attorneys may complete courses though online streaming video, audio (MP3) download, video (MP4) download, CD and other offline media formats. For more information about Florida CLE courses and the CLE requirement in Florida please click this link: Florida CLE.

[1] FL CLER: Technology CLE Required


[2] The first Florida attorneys that need to comply with this new requirement are those attorneys whose CLE deadline is December 2019.