Georgia MCLE: 12 Units Annually


Attorney Credits recently started offering CLE courses for Georgia attorneys to complete their Georgia MCLE requirement.[1]  Georgia attorneys must complete 12 CLE hours each year, including 1 hour of legal ethics and 1 hour of professionalism.[2]  Georgia attorneys may complete 6 credit hours per year through online CLE courses – these are known as “in-house” hours.[3]

Active lawyers are required to keep current on the law by attending a minimum of 12 hours of education each year. Of these, at least one must be in ethics, one must be in professionalism, and for trial attorneys three must be in litigation.[4]

Georgia attorneys must complete the required 12 credit hours before the December 31 Georgia MCLE deadline.  If your CLE hours are incomplete as of December 31, you are entitled to a grace period.  The grace period for Georgia attorneys expires on March 31.  If you miss the March 31 deadline, you must pay a $100 late fee at which point your MCLE deadline will be extended to June 30.  If you complete your Georgia MCLE requirement after June 30, there will be an additional $150 late fee.[5]  You can monitor your GA CLE record during the year by logging into your account with the State Bar of Georgia.[6]

If a Georgia attorney remains in noncompliance with the GA MCLE requirement, the attorney may be suspended from the practice of law in Georgia.

Get your GA MCLE done today with Attorney Credits!  Attorney Credits offers an assortment of one-click Georgia MCLE bundles and we also offer MP3 Player and USB stick compliance packages.  If you select an online compliance package you can complete your courses with our streaming audio & video courses if you want to work online, and we also offer MP3 and video download courses if you want to study without an Internet connection.  Attorney Credits brings Georgia attorneys CLE Your Way!  Georgia attorneys may complete 6 credit hours annually with Attorney Credits CLE courses.

[1] See: Attorney Credits Offers CLE in Georgia

[2]  Trial attorneys must also complete 3 trial credit hours (Litigation).  All active, non-exempt members who are not part of the Transition into Law Practice Program are subject to the Georgia MCLE requirement.

[3] These type of hours are called in-house hours and they are tracked on attorneys’ CLE transcripts maintained by the State Bar of Georgia CLE department staff. An attorney can take 6 in-house hours per year and can carry forward 6 CLE hours to the next succeeding year.

[4] Continuing Legal Education

[5] For a total of $250 for late completion of your CLE requirement.

[6] To access your account with the State Bar of Georgia, use this link: