Japanese Earthquake & Attorneys

Fridays have become my blogging days.  Heading into the weekend, I guess Friday seems like a good day for journalism.

However, after the events of last Thursday in Japan, it seemed kind of trivial to blog, tweet and Facebook about the legal profession.  Today being Monday, I find myself back in the office after a weekend of horrifying devastation after the earthquake and tsunami — and now impending nuclear crisis.  It seems like it will take some time before the people of Japan can fully recover from this tragedy, and many wounds may never heal.

After doing some reading online today, I read a few stories about attorneys in Japan that witnessed the quake firsthand.  I immediately tried to put myself in their shoes. What it be like to have your head buried in a legal brief one moment, only to be jolted to reality by an 8.9 earthquake?  Being a native San Diego, I am no stranger to earth rumbling — but an 8.9 is unfathomable.

Here is the story:

Tokyo Lawyers Stranded at Offices in Aftermath of 8.9 Magnitude Quake

The pictures and video of the damages is incomprehensible — especially sitting in my living room watching it unfold.  But when you start reading about accounts from people that were in Japan when the earthquake happened, the story starts to take on a more human element.  I would like to hear feedback from anybody who has been affected by the earthquake and tsunami.