At the Tehran Conference in 1943, Stalin proposed  “liquidating” 50,000 German military officers. Eventually, through skilled negation the rule of law won out. The resulting Nuremberg Trials from 1945-46 brought high ranking Nazi officials and civilian leaders to justice.

The Nuremberg Trials

The greatest trial in history  – or just a show trial that stretched jurisdiction & legal principles to achieve the victor’s justice? 

Professor of Law Thaddeus Hoffmeister, who had deep discussions with key Nuremberg interpreter John Dolibois, breaks down the Nuremberg trials and asks you to decide for yourself. He mainly discusses, trial practice & criminal law, the prosecution of WWII crimes, the legal framework of the IMT, indictments & defenses, verdicts and legacy of the trials. To access the course please click here: Justice at Nuremberg: Lessons for Attorneys.

Additional Topics Covered:

* International law & sovereignty

* Show trials

* Differing views of “justice”

* The London Agreement & Charter

* The International Military Tribunal (IMT)

* The Allied prosecutors

* The Nazi defendants

* Defense attorneys

* Conspiracy counts

* Aggressive War

* War crimes

* Crimes against humanity

Professor of Law Thaddeus Hoffmeister teaches courses related to criminal law, technology, and the jury. Professor Hoffmeister has published a number of law review articles, essays & lengthier writings exploring the criminal justice system, litigation, and social media. His most recent book is entitled Social Media in the Courtroom.

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