New ITC Cases Involve BlackBerries, Semiconductors and LCD Technology

With four new, high profile IP complaints filed in the last few days, it’s been a busy week at the International Trade Commission (ITC). Considering that only 25 other cases have been filed in the last 11 months, four cases is quite a glut.

These high-stakes cases involve LCD technology, semiconductors, and BlackBerries. In the fist complaint of December, Samsung Electronics sued Sharp Electronics for infringing patents related to liquid crystal display (LCD) devices that are used in televisions. In the second case, semiconductor maker Analog Devices filed suite against Knowles Electronics and Mouser Electronics over surface mount MEMS microphones and products that are used in mobile phones and notebooks. In the third, Prism Technologies brought suit against BlackBerry maker Research in Motion over authentication systems related to its mobile electronic devices and software. Lastly, Taiwan-based semiconductor maker Richtek Technology Corp. sued a number of companies over patent rights for DC controllers. Read more here.