New York CLE Compliance Groups


Experienced New York attorneys must complete 24 credit hours every 2 year compliance period, including 4 credit hours of legal ethics. In order to report your New York CLE compliance an attorney registration form will be mailed to you by the NY CLE Board. You must file your attorney registration form and complete your NY CLE requirement within 30 days after your birthday on alternate years in order to timely complete your NY CLE reporting obligations.

New York CLE Compliance & Reporting Requirements

  • Reporting Cycle: 2 years
  • Compliance Deadline: Birth date
  • Reporting Deadline: 30 days after your birthday

Essentially, New York attorneys report their NY CLE compliance when they file the attorney registration card. If you were admitted to the New York State Bar Association before January 1, 1982 – or in an even-numbered year – then you will register in even-numbered years. If you were admitted New York State Bar Association in an odd-numbered year after 1982, then you will register in odd-numbered years. At the time of the biennial registration, all New York attorneys must certify that they have completed their NY CLE requirement for that reporting cycle and that the proper documentation has been retained.[1]

New York CLE Compliance Groups

  • Admitted BEFORE 1/1/82 OR in an even-numbered year – register in EVEN-numbered years.
  • Admitted in an odd-numbered year AFTER 1982 – register in ODD-numbered years.

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[1] When you register, if you have completed your required NY CLE credits but have not received all of your certificates for the CLE courses, you may indicate on the relevant sentence on the attorney registration form to indicate that you are “awaiting documentation” of your compliance.