NV CLE: The Annual Nevada CLE Compliance Report


Nevada attorneys must complete a minimum of twelve (12) CLE credit hours each annual NV CLE compliance period.  In order to properly fulfill the 12 credit hour Nevada CLE requirement, Nevada attorneys must complete at least two (2) credit hours of legal ethics every year – and one (1) hour of substance abuse every three years.

Nevada CLE Report

  • The annual compliance report must be submitted to the Nevada CLE Board before March 1.

Nevada attorneys must report their own Nevada CLE compliance by completing the annual report.[1] The Nevada CLE Board will mail you an annual report by January 15 that will list all your NV CLE credits earned from the previous year.[2] The annual compliance report must be completed, verified, and submitted to the Nevada CLE Board before March 1. The NV CLE Board may periodically require you to produce independent verification of compliance.  To access more information about Nevada CLE please click here: NV CLE.

[1] This report is mailed by the Nevada Board of Continuing Legal Education.

[2] You should retain your CLE records verifying compliance with the NV CLE Rules for a period of three (3) years. Attorneys should maintain and use Certificates of Completion issued by Attorney Credits in order to verify compliance.