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New CLE on The Right of Publicity

With the expansion of social media and digital advertising – and increasingly more brands turning to novel means to promote their products – the right of publicity has taken on even greater importance. In this CLE course, Rick Kurnit shares his knowledge and experience as he mainly discusses brands, content & advertising in our digital world, how the right of publicity clashes with the First Amendment, advertising vs.editorial content, commercial use and the transformative standard.

New CLE Course: How Implicit Bias Affects Attorney’s Decision Making

How many questions do you ask before you make important decisions? Do you assume you know what is best for this case and for this client – simply based on all your previous cases? Implicit Bias Are there subconscious forces that impact how you think and how you feel? And how do these hidden forces impact your decision making? This CLE course…

New CLE: Dealing with Defaulted Student Loans

As student load debt has skyrocketed over the last decade — now approaching $1.5 trillion total — many former students have found themselves in default being unable to pay their massive undergraduate and graduate school debt back. To learn more about what you can do to help your clients with defaulted student loans, join Natalie Jean-Baptiste as she discusses potential options for your clients.

New CLE on Privilege, Confidentiality and Attorney Work Product

In this CLE course, Evan Stweart will discuss a number of case examples and practical everyday situations so you can better understand the similarities and differences between the privilege doctrine, the work product doctrine and confidentiality. To access these courses please click here: The Attorney-Client Privilege, Work Product Doctrine and Confidentiality.

New CLE on Legal Issues in Startup Financing

For entrepreneurs, financing is the primary and most pressing concern. That’s because without sufficient funding, it’s almost impossible to launch and run a successful business. And many of the people starting these new ventures are new to the business world and they are often unaware of the various securities laws that apply when acquiring funding. Startup Financing Just watch an episode of…

New CLE: Tips to Avoid Ethical Violations and Malpractice Claims

What can you do to avoid a legal malpractice claim or grievance from the state bar? Most of the time it’s not rocket science, there are many basic things you can do to limit your exposure. Practicing Ethically How many times do you have to be told to communicate with your clients? Well, it’s still not enough for some attorneys because numerous…

CLE on Sweepstakes, Contests & Mobile Marketing Law

You might be a winner! No purchase necessary! Just send a self-addressed stamped envelope! Many will enter…. few will win. We all know the catch phrases because we’ve heard the sweepstakes and promotions commercials countless times on the T.V., radio and the Internet. You MIGHT Be a Winner!!! Companies love to blanket the airwaves with sweepstakes, games and promotions as part of…

New CLE On Social Media Spying & Tracking Spouses in Divorce Cases

You’re away on business and before you head off to bed you text your wife “good night honey, don’t let the bed bugs bite.” The next day your wife gets a call from Corky’s Pest Control offering their services to help with your bed bug problem. Yes, Big Brother is watching… and listening… and tracking. But it’s not just the government and…