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New CLE on Harnessing Social Media & Electronic Evidence for Trial

Trial attorney Mark Mermelstein provides you with best practices for getting vital social media evidence admitted at trial, authenticating the electronic evidence, proving its relevance and overcoming hearsay objections. After completing this highly informative & practical course you will understand the legal, practical and ethical implications of using electronic evidence obtained from social media networks and the Internet at trial.

New CLE on Cybersecurity Compliance Strategies for Attorneys

Cybersecurity – it’s not just for Bill Gates and computer geeks anymore. Many attorneys now have ethical and legal duties to be compliant with cybersecurity laws and also protect sensitive client information.

TX CLE: Whose Responsible for Reporting TX CLE Hours??

When you finish CLE courses, CLE providers are required to report your completed TX CLE courses to the State Bar of Texas. However, although MCLE providers are required to report completed CLE courses, Texas is still technically a self-reporting state. TX CLE Reporting Although MCLE providers are required to report completed CLE courses, Texas is technically a self-reporting state. Individual attorneys must…

Texas CLE: Texas MCLE Reporting

Texas attorneys are required to complete 15 hours every year to meet the Texas MCLE requirement and remain eligible to practice law. It is also your responsibility to make sure your mandatory TX CLE hours are accurately and timely reported to the State Bar of Texas. Texas CLE Reporting You are automatically given your birth month as a grace period to comply…