Texas attorneys are required to complete 15 hours every year to meet the Texas MCLE requirement and remain eligible to practice law. It is also your responsibility to make sure your mandatory TX CLE hours are accurately and timely reported to the State Bar of Texas.

Texas CLE Reporting

You are automatically given your birth month as a grace period to comply with the Texas MCLE requirements without a penalty. If you do not complete and report at least 15 hours of CLE by the last day of your birth month (grace period), you will be in non-compliance and subject to a penalty.

You must report your overall compliance with the 15 required hours on the annual verification report. Your MCLE Annual Verification Report will be mailed to you two months before your birth month.[1] For more information about Texas CLE please click here: TX CLE.

[1] If your verification report indicates that you have completed the required number of Texas CLE hours, no further action is required. If you have not completed or reported the minimum 15 TX CLE hours by the last day of your compliance year, a reminder Notice will be emailed and mailed to you at the beginning of the birth month (grace period).