Why don’t more attorneys find value in CLE?

I have been pondering this all week. What got me started thinking about this was last week’s post about the Illinois attorney who got his secretary to complete his online CLE. At first I found it comical that the attorney’s misdeeds were revealed (he must have made his secretary mad!). Then the more I thought about it, the angrier I became for a couple of reasons.

First, do attorneys view CLE as such a burden that they make their secretaries take classes for them? Yes, I know that most attorneys feel that they already know everything already once they graduate from law school and pass the bar. However, there are many attorneys that could use some pointers on ethics & malpractice prevention, eDiscovery, new developments in their practice area, and improving their legal writing or speaking skills. CLE should be viewed as a benefit – only a fool thinks that education is a burden.

Second, this is NOT how we envisioned that our services would be used.  We are dedicated to bringing you online CLE that is convenient, reasonably priced, and valuable in your professional practice. We have numerous attorneys comment on how informative or entertaining our courses are or what a great resource the written materials are. And I go out of my way to select CLE programming that is entertaining, practical, and informative. Essentially, I ask myself, “Would I want to take this course.”

Unfortunately, I think that many attorneys have had a bad experience with CLE in the past – either the topic was incredibly dry and the presenter was insanely boring, the course was nothing as advertised, or the presenter only speaks for 25 minutes and doesn’t provide much insight. However, help is on the way.  There is a new breed of CLE providers that is seeking to change this. And we are determined to drive this change, and create value in CLE.

I ask you, how can we create more value in CLE?